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What is the mechanism of alternative promoters? How does it work? Thanks?

And how is it correlated with alternative splicing?

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    Alternative promoters can produce the same protein as single promoters, yet can be active in different tissues or at different times. In other cases, alternative promoters direct the polymerase enzymes to commence reading DNA at different start codons, ultimately resulting in different proteins with different functions.

    Alternative promoters can affect gene expression in diverse ways. Production of different mRNA isoforms may be effected directly through different transcription start sites or indirectly through promoter-directed exon inclusion. The resulting transcripts may encode different protein isoforms, or they may vary only in their 5’ untranslated regions, affecting mRNA stability and translation efficiency.

    Genes with alternative promoters tended to demonstrate alternative splicing compared to genes with single promoter, and, genes with more alternative promoters tend to have more alternative splicing variants. Furthermore, transcripts from different alternative promoters tended to splice differently

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    Promoters will be selected on the basis of sequences and preferences due to epigenetic changes.

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