Does My Ex Still Love Me? Please Help i know its long, but Do i still have a Chance with him?

Okay so My boyfriend broke up with me after 3weeks of being together. They felt like months though. Well He was so sweet. He was a good boyfriend. He remembers my b-day and the day we went out. He saved it on his ipod. I would draw him things and write him love letters and he put them on his binder. I told him i'm afraid of getting attached to him because i don't want to be heart broken. And i was telling him what happend to me once with this guy i used to like. The guy basically forgot about me. And i told him that and he grabbed me by the waist and told me "I'm never going to stop loving you". And he always respected my choices i made. In front of his friends he would tell me that he loved me. But i treated him bad :( . I didn't realize it either. He met my parents and i met his mom. She said i was "cute". So he is a football player and alot of girls like him so its hard not to listen to them when their talking trash. When we talked on the phone he would tell me how much of a terrible boyfriend he was and that i deserve better. So one day i told him something and he got mad. So That night I was Apologizing to him and telling him how much i truly did love him. And then i texted him:

Me: U don't love me n e more huh?

Him: I'm mad at you

It was heart wrenching because he wouldn't accept my apologies. We have 1st and 2nd class together. So I was late to class and my friend went up to him and asked him:

Friend: Hey!! Wheres Josslyn??

Him: I don't know and i don"t care

Pretty harsh huh? anyways i got to class and i was sad when she told me. So the bell rang to go to second class and i walked with my friend a seperate path from my boyfriend. And i turn around and saw him behind us with his friends. So i walk up to him and:

Me: Kyle i'm sorry

Him: Ya, I don't think we should go out anymore.

Okay so i said ok to him. So while i walked up to him to apologize, my eyes were watery. and he glanced down at me and looked away and avoided eye contact when he said "Ya, I don't think we should go out anymore.". I don't understand why he didn't look me in the eyes. And so i was in my second class really depressed and i text my mom to tell her to come and get me(she's like my bff). He also sits across the room from me and his buddy sits right by me. I texted him in class:

Me: I knew you were going to do this to me

Him: Its not my fault

Me: can we talk after class?

- No Reply From Him-

So my mom finally came and i left silently too. I grabbed my things and left quickly. His friend and i are friends. so anyways his friend watched me leave and so did the girl sitting on the other side of me. Well im at home and its like 9. And i'm telling my mom and both of us are getting watery eyes. And then he texts me:

Him: Did you leave?

Me: Yeah

Me:How could i sit in class feeling the way i do?


Him: idk

so i didn't reply to him anymore. And then like at 9 at night i texted him:

Me: I dont wanna bug you, ut i wanna know what happend to us..

Him: We broke up

Me: uhhh i know that, but why?

Him: ?

Me: Was i mean to you?

Him Yea

Me: How mean was i on a scale 0-10?

Me Well, I wanted to spend more time with you and it seemed like didn't even want to be with me.

Him: Like an 8 and you were acting really weird


i didn't respond to that. So i went to bed. And ever since then we haven't talked and this was on Tuesday. Well the next day i had to wear my Navy Uniform. And I acted like i wasn't hurt even though i was. And i Still have deep feelings for him and i want him back but i want him to come chasing after me. So this is in my second class, i'm drawing and he gets up to go turn in a paper and i lglanced up to see the board and then i saw him walking up front to his desk but he jerked his head really FAST. It moved fast..... And i didn't know he was out of his desk. so later on that day he saw me walking with my guy friend to class. And we made eye contact and then we both looked away quickly. The next day I Did my hair the way he liked it and i looked really pretty too. And I got checked out too in front of him. And i didn't see his reaction. But i took the normal way to my second class. And in class he kept talking to his friend that sits near me from across the room. And Then later that day my friend stopped me to talk to me about her crush and i saw him walk by with his ex and her friend(shes fat and ugly... no lie) and he was smiling and talking to her. And then he was like a 100 ft away from me and my best friend. we were both looking at him and then when he got to that distance he turned around and saw me and my best friend watching him. and then he kept walking... I don't know if he still loves me like he says he does. I am Skinnier and Waaaayyyyyyyy prettier then his ex's.

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  • 8 years ago
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    This is like, the stupidest, long and over drawn out question I've ever read on Yahoo.

    Sorry, but I had to throw that out there. You're in school. And you sound like you're like 13. No offense, you don't know what LOVE really is. Trust me. I'm 20. I've been through that, and much, much more. Don't sweat it. If it's meant to be, it will be. If it's not, it's not.

    You're young, you have a lot of life ahead of you. Three weeks is NOTHING in the scheme of things. Try being with someone for at least ONE year before you even form the concept of love in your mind. And then try living with them an additional year. If the feelings were the same, then yes, it's love. If they change, even the slightest, it's NOT true love.

    I can't even tell you how many boyfriends I went through in school. How many different and wonderful men I've dated. I've been abused, used, I've used, I've been unfaithful, I've dated a doctor, a drug dealer, and then a cop. And we've been together for three years. And now we are engaged.

    And even after three years, I still ponder the meaning of "love". I love him, yes, but how could YOU, after three weeks of dating someone, even say the word love?

    Another thing. So WHAT if his ex is skinnier than you? That means nothing. You are selfish and vein. Maybe he prefers curvy girls? Ever think of that? There's nothing wrong with anyone who is not as skinny as you. How low could you go?

    Ugh. You're question was super annoying and upsetting but I answered this in the BEST way possible.

    Bottom line: If you're calling his ex fat and ugly and being mean to someone you like and calling it love after three weeks...You are way too immature to be in a relationship to begin with. Get a life.

  • 8 years ago

    well maybe he dosen't want to be with someone as vain as u. u were only together for 3 weeks, and you are bagging on his ex's. You dont have to put other people down by calling them ugly and fat, obviously they would own a mirror you don't need to b shallow and say the obvious.

  • 8 years ago

    He's not an ex, you had a couple of dates.

    So just relax, be cool, and get on with your life.

    That is your best chance of him wanting to come back

    lf you get all clingy, he is going to run the other way

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