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How to improve my double leg takedown?

On what muscles should I put more emphasis when working out to get more power behind my double leg takedowns? I mean, when I shoot at someone I dont want them to even sprawl, I want them to be knocked back so that I can lift them a bit and slam them down. What muscles play the biggest role in the power part of double leg takedown?

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    ALL the muscles. Your legs help you drive and lift. Your neck supports your head and helps you maneuver the opponent, especially when you "turn the corner". Your arms hold them to you and let you adjust their position. Your core provides you with stability during this process. Your chest and upper back augment the motion of your arms.

    The key to a double leg isn't being strong, it's having good timing and good technique. Obviously, strength is good to have, but the fact that you're talking about lifting the guy up and slamming him means you're not doing a double-leg in the most technical, mechanically efficient way to start with. Work with your coach and make sure that you've got the technique down. Then work on your entries and set-ups (the most important determining factor in your success, in my experience), and work on how to finish depending on how your opponent defends. You won't NEED to be strong if you get your opponent out of position before you start looking for the takedown.

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    All leg muscles, your arms are just there to grab on, the explosiveness and surprise come from your legs. Will help with stand-ups as well for a free point after a period.

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    Dude, if your double leg takedown (or whatever technique, it doesn't really matter) isn't working the way it "should" work then it's because your technique is bad. so the real question is, what part of your technique is wrong.

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