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Help with graphing tangent function?

I need to graph a tangent function y= -2 tan(pi)x in the interval from 0 to 2 (pi). I've already figured out the period but I want to know how I would find the asymptotes so I know where the points will be located.

Thanks in advance.

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    The asymptotes are where (pix)=+pi/2 so x=1/2 and x=-1/2 , the next is pix=3pi/2 so x=3/2 and x=-3/2,


    Think y=-2tan(X). The -2 reflects y=tan(X) in the X-axis and stretches by 2 in the direction of y.

    The asymptotes are at X=+/-(2n+1)pi/2 where n is any integer. Since X=pi.x you get

    x=+/-(2n+1)/2 etc.

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