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Was President Obama attempting to use the video as a cover to promote his weak foreign policy?


yes its a difficult concept for democrats-thats why you are democrats-someone else does your thinking for you

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    Suan Rice ,the U.S. U.N. Ambassador went on several News talk shows stating clearly that the killing of Ambassador Stevens was the result of a spontaneous riot over a video. Obama did not take responsibility until after Sec. Of State Hillary Clinton took responsibility when she was at a conference in Peru on womens right. Now that is irony. Obama let's her take responsibilty and he's supposed to be promoted equality for women. He has to be either the worst liar or the best at fooling people we have ever had for a president.

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    Why did bush2 ignore the 15 major terrorists that Obama directed taking out?

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    Can you be more specific? I'm suffering from a mild case of Romnesia.

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