How can I get my laptop to start working?

I have a Dell Widows Vista which according to my friend is a developers laptop or something like that.

At first I thought it was a virus but then I asked my friend about it because he is a genuis when it comes to computers... Well... Pretty much anything...

And he said that it is probably the internet and not a virus because of the make of it.

But I cannot go off of a screen that comes up whenever I log on to it which is a error page you can get sometimes when you go on the internet.

When I press F2 it comes up with the setup:

System - System Info, Processor Info, Battery Info, Battery Health, Date/Time, Boot Sequence.

Onboard Devices - Integrated NIC, External USB ports, SATA Operation, Flash Cache Module

Video - Brightness, Brightness (AC)

Security - Admin Password, System Password, Internal HDD PW, Password Change, Password Bypass, Wireless Switch Change, Wi-Fi Catcher Change, Computrace (R)

Performance - Multi Core Support, Dynamic Acceleration, HDD Acoustic Mode, SpeedStep Enable

Power Management - USB Wake Support

Maintenance - Load Defaults, Service Tag

POST Behaviour - Adapter Warnings, Fn Key Emulation, Fast Boot, Keypad (Embedded), Numlock LED, USB Emulation

Wireless - Internal WPAN, Internal Wi-Fi, Internal Cellular, Wireless Switch, Wi-Fi Catcher

When I press F12 it says:

Internal HDD


Onboard NIC

BIOS Setup


Which one do I go on to reformat my laptop? Or is there another way?


Dragonite64, I am able to ask this question because my phone lets me go on this site and ask questions

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  • 8 years ago
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    Can you remember the error screen ? Is it a blue screen with lots of text like this :, If that is the case then it could probably be a driver issue or a hardware failure.

    What is your computer make and model ? Some computers have a recovery partition from which you can restore the operating system to the factory installed state. With others you’ll have to use DVDs that came with your laptop to reinstall windows.

  • 4 years ago

    If your pc is jogging sluggish, there might be many factors to the crisis. A few typical factors are Windows registry mistakes, dangerous RAM reminiscence, and disk fragmentation. When used to be the final time you wiped clean your Windows registry? Over time, you put in new techniques, uninstall techniques, replace program, set up new instruments, and many others. in an effort to all regulate documents within the Windows registry. Cleaning up your Windows registry will commonly aid to accelerate your pc. Additionally, a Registry Cleaner can repair mistakes you're jogging into whilst launching techniques. I could advocate registry cleansing as a primary step.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    WAIT...if your computer isnt working than how did you ask this...are you a god/witch/wizard/troll/demon/owl/pillow/sorcerer

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