My firs time machine backup is taking forever. In fact, more than forever, is this usual?

I thought about backing up my macbook, so I bought a 1TB HDD.

My macbook is partitioned via Bootcamp, so the mac part is only about 100GB(which is pathetic..)

I partitioned the HDD 500gb for backup and 500gb for storage, and began Time machine.

The problem is, it just takes forever. It was getting ready for some 4 hours, and I thought maybe that was natural since it was my first time. Then it began backup indexing, which is currently still going on for more than some 5 hours.

I've heard that first backups take long, but god, there's only 100GB. I'm supposing there's some kind of an error here. Or is this natural, even for a pathetic 100GB drive?

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    8 years ago
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    Yes. It will take hours as it indexes and catalogues everything. Best to leave it to run overnight. Once it has done the first one subsequent backups take mere minutes.

  • 8 years ago

    it isn't unusual for the 1st backup to take longer than usual especially with large hd's

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