How do I stop thinking about him? :/?

For me it starts like this: you see him, you want him, you meet him, you love him, you talk, you flirt, then some how its over. But this one boy. I can't get over him. I don't know what love feels like, but my feelings may be love. He's the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of before I fall asleep. Before I get dressed, I think of what he would like. when I work out, he's my motivation. He's not perfect, he has flaws, but I love his flaws. I want to be with him, and I thought he wanted to be with me too. There have been so many mixed signals and signs, but every song, every place, every THING reminds me of him. See, in August we became friends and hung out every so often. Immediately when we started hanging out I knew I wanted to be more. He's the perfect height for me and if I had a type (look-wise) he would be it. When we would hang out or video chat, we would start to flirt, and we would hug instead of wave when we saw eachother. We would go out with friends together and exchange glances and smiles and it was great. But one day, his friend runs up to me and told me that he had just "asked out the hottest girl and she said yes!" This really upset me, especially because I thought we had something. I tried to forget about us and continue to be friends. The next time we hung out together he was heavily flirting, putting his arms around me, cuddling with me, and of course I didn't stop him. The whole time his friend was saying "if only your girlfriend were here, man she'd be mad." But that's not even the best part, when I was leaving, he gave me the longest hug, like he didn't want to let go... ever. But when we saw each other again he didn't show his feelings like that again, in fact, we barely talked for a month after. But recently, I've been trying to talk to him again, which has been working. A few days ago, there was this awkward incident where it looked like he and I were getting very close and (to my friend) "it looked like he was grabbing my crotch", which didn't happen, he always gets very close to me when he passes me or we talk. He just does that, I don't know why... but I like being close to him. Apparently, my friend told someone and that person told someone, this person approached me and said "DID HE REALLY GRAB YOU AND TOUCH YOU?" That's when he and his friend approached, and I sarcastically responded saying yes (which was obviously false). Then he denied it happened as I was walking away. But hours later I kept getting texts and messages from people in his grade asking if he really was being touchy feely with me. I said no, of course, but his entire grade was talking about it (keep in mind that this was all spread by the guys that asked me "DID HE REALLY GRAB YOUR CROTCH?" His entire class knew about it and so did mine, so of course his girlfriend found out. But he had told me earlier in the week that he and his girlfriend were having problems and she didn't want to spend time with him so he didn't know if he should stay with her or not. Literally, right after the whole touchy feely crotch fiasco, he and his girlfriend broke up. Now I'm curious about a few things, though. When I sarcastically answered yes to the question that he had touched my crotch, he was right there, so he could have said it looked like it but it didn't actually happen or something like that. But he was having problems with his girlfriend, what if he didn't deny flirting with me because he actually likes me and wanted his girlfriend to find out so they could break up? I don't know how I got into this mess, but I wish that he does actually like me. Am I crazy? What do you think? I just can't stop thinking about him and if he doesn't talk to me or begin flirting with me again I think I might just emotionally die. I love him but if he doesn't love me, what can I do about it. How can I stop thinking about him so much? It really messes with my head. Thanks everyone, and sorry it's so long, there's just a lot to tell.

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    Loooveeee sigh :/ goo and tell him how u feel tell him I think about u when this this and that and that u care for hurts more to keep it in then to get rejected..but love makes u do things wen u don't know wat ur doing just cuz u wanna be with that person. Idk :/

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    4 years ago

    as soon as upon a time there was once this man who was once so strong to me, he could as good had been an angel who fell instantly from the sky - an angel with a 5 inch tall mohawk and a nice smile despatched to make me giggle, instruct me to calm down, and allow me realize that i'm cherished....i used to be handiest equipped to be with him for a little while, then he joined the military and that i by no means even received to mention good-bye :( i suppose approximately him everyday and desire that he is ok however i do know he by and large is fine, due to the fact in spite of everything he's an angel...

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