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Year12 farewell poem! Please help!!?

Okay I'm in year8 and written many poems and I've given them to my English teacher to look at. He says I have a natural talent. My poems have been put over the PA in the morning prayer and have been presented at the assemblies throughout this year and last year.

My English teacher has spoken with the principal and they've asked me to write a farewell poem for our year12 girls.

I'm at an all girls school and I have many year12s friends. They have their graduation on Friday week5 (week2 starts this Monday)

So I've been asked to write one and I am having trouble! I've been wracking my brain and I just can't think of what to say. I wouldn't want to disappoint the year12s as they have been told a poem will be dedicated to them, I really need some help. Just a few ideas!

I'm not asking for a poem but I'm asking for some help.

Please help!! It would mean so much and I really don't want to disappoint the year12s. I want their graduation to be the best graduation they can have :)

Please help!

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    Let that creative talent flow. It may just be writer's block. Get some inspiration. If that don't work, make a graduation speech to the year12 that has a rhyme scheme.

    Source(s): I once had to write a poem and my inspiration came from what I had from lunch that day.
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    Farewells are frequently very unhappy activities (save whilst one's happy to work out the back of somebody!). so as this may well be a tragic social amassing you describe, it ought to be a stable theory to make your poem on a easy-hearted and assured word. Eg notwithstanding the girls would be long gone their presence will continually be felt in what they have contributed to make your college a greater effective place. desire this might help. stable success.

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