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I don't want to hang out with you anymore?

(Keep in mind that Cece only hung out with us because her best friend Rachel was mad at her.)

There's this girl, Cece, who I used to be friends with. Really, the friendship had started going down hill before, but it all came to a breaking point when she went too far with her constant criticism on my best girl friend Sammi. I had cracked a joke about stuffing her bra and Cece literally said, in front of Sammi, Sammi was flat-chested and said she had the smallest boobs out of the entire friend group which included one other girl. Sammi walked away and I knew she was upset and I followed her, the whole time Cece kept trying to get me to leave, and I'm pretty sure she knew that Sammi was mad at her. When we found Sammi she avoided Cece and didn't talk to her and talked to Rachel instead. Rachel was a really nice girl and I was already friends with her but now, on top of Cece's criticism and complaining she was now demanding we not be friends with Rachel. Me, Sammi, and our other friend now hate her. We had made it known that we were not friends but were still civil to her. She took it the wrong way and now thinks everything is just fine and is back hanging out with us. We've dropped hints but either she's ignoring them or is just completely oblivious to the situation. She has a very "strong" personality and we don't know how to let her down. Because of her attitude besides us, she has no one.

So, the tl;dr version: How do we let this girl know that we are done with her and no longer wish to be friends with her without setting her off?

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    Don't let her push you around I've been in that situation myself just calmly tell her we don't like the way your acting. We would still like to be your friend but we feel you have no right to offend one of our friends like that and not apologise about it or control who we are friends with because that's not right. if you continue the way you're acting we'll have no choice but to not be your friend....

    I know it'll be hard but you have to stand your ground it's no fun hanging around someone you don't like good luck.

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    Its okay not to like someone, its not okay to pretend you do and then get off bashing them with your other friends. whenever they they something ignore them and change the subject... they'll get the hint. also don't return their texts for many hours and answer with 1-2 words.

    Source(s): You're a douche for getting to this point in time, but you'll be a bigger one if you don't be straight up about it.
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