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10 points!!! I broke my ipod touch!!?

I dropped my ipod touch 4gen and broke the screen !

Can i get it replaced for free or do i have to pay

Or can i just return it to the shop i bought ot from

I bought it 3 months ago

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    you have to pay unless you have insurance on it

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    Well my boyfriend broke his iphone and he had to replace the glass in the back and then later on broke the front so he replaced both for about $100. But if you got some sort of insurance type deal on your ipod they might fix it for free. You might want to check if not your gonna have to pay to fix it ): sorry

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    I broke mine after 3 months but I had insurance at Walmart so I got a new one for free. I've had it for a month now, and I have an otterbox on it so it won't break .

    So if you have insurance, u can get it replaced for free

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    I had warranty and smashed it but they made me pay £120 for it. Probably only cost about £10 to replace really

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    There's a year warranty from apple and there's another one for the store you buoyed it from ( the store picks how long the warranty for the store is) so you can return it unless your jailbroken

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    If. U have warranty on the ipod yes u cN return it..

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