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Help pleease! am i just a friend or is there something there? ill answer your questionns:)!!!?

So this guy , i saw him last friday and he got my number . Since then we started hanging out a lot ... he says im a good friend but yet he kisses me. And he tells me i have a nice smile alot.. today he got a rose for me infront of his friends and he said "it doesnt matter if its ugly its what the meaning of why i gave it to you" but he didnt tell me why he gave it to me.. he told his friend "shes the homegirl not a **** around" and then kissed me infront of them.. im confused .. idk if he likes me or not?

Ps. Whenever i hang out with a guy friend he says "doing watt" or "what are you gannna do"

Things he does that makes me think he likes me:

1). Kisses me.

2). Introduces me to all his friends

3). Looks at me (when i notice he looks away fast)

4). Met my friends and family..

5). Texts me first

6). Compliments me..

7). Gives me opinions on what i shud do

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    Honestly it seems a game to me... If he does all these things in front of his friends & questions you about hanging put with guy friends, its not so cool of him. Because 1. You ARE NOT his gf YEt...

    2. Maybe is a bet 3. He isnt really respecting you & what you truly feel.

    All that he does seems nice & sweet but he is moving to fast & like I said from what you have said you dont have a title in his life just yet...

    Dump him before he dumps you...

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