How do folks come up with the belief that (because we don't know how the universe happened?

Or because we don't know how something can come out of nothing Means (They know for fact the bible's god had to have done it all)?

Where is the logic in that?

If we don't know something it is because we don't know it. Correct?

Isn't the only thing we do know for fact about how the universe happened is ((We don't know how it happened))?

How in the heck does that mean a god had to have did it all??

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    8 years ago
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    The objection, "Why did God have to do it?" can be turned around against those who claim there's no "need" for God to have created the universe.

    After all, there's no "need" for the universe, is there? So if there's no need for the universe, why should we believe it exists? You might object and say, "But we KNOW the universe is there! We can see it! We're in it!" Oh, but what if that is merely an illusion? What if the universe, life, and us, is merely an illusion and doesn't actually exist?

    Or what if the universe turns out to be a kaleidoscope, and we're just a tiny bit of coloured glass in one of the compartments? And the maker of this kaleidoscope is... The Great Kaleidoscope Maker? But here we have those bits of coloured glass complaining that there is no Great Kaleidoscope Maker!

    You would think that genuine humility about not knowing many things would make us agree that there COULD be a Maker - an Originator - a Planner - One who brings purpose and meaning out of apparent chance and randomness. But when believers in God are called stupid and arrogant, the accusers don't realise that the cap fits them. Oh dear.

    Especially when our creator has already communicated with us, over 4,000 years ago, before science was 'invented', that he made the heavens and the earth! Ignore that if you want. Just don't pretend that the scientists are not in the same boat you're trying to stick believers in the Creator in!

  • Duck
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    8 years ago

    Because accepting the fact that we don't know the universe's source implies that we also don't know what happens when we're gone. These ideas tend to scare people, much like lightning and thunder used to scare the cave people who originally invented religion. If you can assign a simple explanation to things that are currently beyond our understanding (the source of the universe, what happens after death, et al.) then those things become more bearable. Assigning 'god did it' to the creation of the universe is a simple way to avoid having to try to wrap your brain around some scary ideas. Same as the creation of the 'heaven' myth where people who are suffering the passing of a loved one can hope to meet up with the deceased once again.

    It's not always a negative thing, and for the most part, it can be harmless. However, much like pathological science, it can be taken to extremes and this can be a _really_ bad thing. That's how you end up with fundamentalists and judgmental ideologues who think everyone who doesn't believe exactly what they believe is going to suffer eternal torment and damnation.

    @Mickey GG:

    1. God says that without faith, he does not exist.

    2. Faith is belief without evidence.

    3. Humans exist and are evidence of god's existence.

    4. Since humans are evidence of god's existence, there can be no faith because faith is belief without evidence, and according to his own words, god cannot exist. QED.


    Since nothing can exist without cause, what caused your god to exist?

    @Mickey GG (again):

    • Everything which has a beginning has a cause.

    • The universe has a beginning.

    • Therefore the universe has a cause.

    Okay. So the universe has a cause. That doesn't automatically mean goddidit.

  • 8 years ago

    You are correct... if we don't know something it is because we don't know it, yet the Bible reveals that God spoke the universe into creation. Quantum mechanics has come up with is the "String Theory" to answer that question. It postulates that all matter, everything that exists, is comprised of vibrating strings of energy. Now considering sound as being a vibrating energy... it's not a far stretch to consider that it proves the creation story.

  • 8 years ago

    It's simple... since the beginning of mans consciousness we have been trying to find answers, and without knowledge the super natural is invoked as an explanation. We are wired to find answers and explanations of things. So now there are religions which give simple answers to many unknown things.

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  • 8 years ago

    Fine. We don't know how the Universe came into existence.

    I believe God created it. You believe that it magically created itself out nothing. Neither of us has "proof", rather we both have faith.

    Now, will you atheists stop claiming that you are smarter, more rational, more logical etc than us?

  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Because God said he created the universe, there ain't no reason I shouldn't believe him.

  • Ribat
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    8 years ago

    You human mind is too limited to apprehend God.

  • 8 years ago

    we do know how it happened these other people are just stupid

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