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How can i make my girlfriend feel comfortable with me?

So i recently asked this girl i was crazy about to be my girlfriend after i gathered up the balls to finally get it over with.That same day,everything seemed to be fine despite the natural awkwardness of officially being a couple.Its been 5 days now and i dont even know where we stand ground as a couple, she seems so distant and awkward.So my friend had talked to her and she told him that she hadn't been in a relationship for a while. Like when she is awkward around me it makes me completely nervous, i have no clue how to approach her, It feels like im losing her. I know its been 5 days and all and im overeating, but i genuinely like this girl. Im so hesitant to even kiss her because she never seems to be in the mood to simply kiss me, when i hold her i cant help but have the goofiest smile on my face, my heart feels like its going to explode, it drives me crazy knowing i cant feel comfortable with my own girlfriend knowing she's not comfortable with me. With all this going through my head it stressed me the **** out to the point of asking my self."is it worth it" when i truly feel that it is. So anyway, yesterday we hung out with some friends, and one of them had to leave, so she walked him to the bus stop while i was heading out. They were going the opposite way, i didn't think anything of it and told her goodbye.. turns out she wanted me to wait with her to walk her home, she wanted to talk to me about something (the whole awkward situation) i figured later on. Me completely oblivious, i ask her." was what you were going speak to me about was bad" she hasnt replied at all. I fear that i had just made everything that more awkward between us :/ Iv'e been stressing for the past 6 hours wondering if everything is alright. Pot hasn't been helping what so ever , so i thought i might as well write a heart filled question regarding my insecurity. So could really use some advice right about now, im 16 btw if that helps.

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    Tell her there you don't want to rush things. You just want to talk, take it slow and other stuff can wait. Seriously if you tell her that you two should just get to know each other better as people she will feel a lot more comfortable. Tell her that you want to take things slow. Slow the hell down young man. You two are together there is nothing to worry about. You already have her now tell her that you have no expectations. Keep a lock on your lips until she can fully be herself around you. Sympathize with her. Show empathy and that you care about her and who she is. Talk to her about her interests. Does she draw, sing, write. Be emotionally supportive and let her know that you're not going anywhere and that you really want to take things slow. Go with a pace that will make her comfortable and open up. She is probably just shy, but do not bring up the fact that she is shy that will make her more shy... more distant... Don't contact her that much. But when you do make it one on one and soul connecting. Be subtle. Don't be pushy and don't bring up sex until you know her well. Don't assume she's not smart either. She probably is very intelligent. Compliment her intelligence when the opportunity comes to do so. She will think that you care what is in her head and not just want to get in her pants. She probably has sized you up as wanting that of her already or is not sure so she is being careful. Females that are shy are very emotional and guarded cause she is super sensitive. Show her your sensitive side. write a poetic letter from the heart why not. good luck. :) calm down. show her that you can be calm and understanding. but don't beat yourself up about it, you're 16 ^_^

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    Buy her a top that is quite large but very sheer. Let her start with that. Next phase of the three-pronged attack is a spray-on tan.(call around to the tanning salons to find one that has a mister or Air Brush Tanning. Get her a gift certificate. Phase three goes a lot deeper: Teach her to take time away from the daily drudgery to do the things she loves. Sounds so simple, doesn't it? But while we're busy surviving, we forget about living. So, whether you sign up for ballroom dance classes or take a white water rafting trip, she will feel so much better about herself when she sees what her amazing body can do and begins experiencing life in 3-D. And then wait until she carries, births and nurses a child...Creating and sustaining life. What a high!

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    I understand you feelings... But just talk to her normally. Just make her comfortable by talking something that she likes... DO NOT LOOK LIKE U R WORKING HARD"..

    Girls like cool boys and not someone who has to actually try his best.

    What happened last time, dont worry, u r young and you dont know women (In fact no man can read a woman's mind). But dont talk about it... Just surprise her by doing something that she likes! Be happy, be confident!

    Confidence, being cool and caring for the one u love, is the key!

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    because she was your crush things can be awkward but you can just sit and talk about were you want to go with the relationship, she went with you for a reason you know.

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    Just go up to her. And kiss in front of everyone that will bring u guys closer

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