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I am running low on funds, what are some cheap foods?

I mainly shop at Wal Mart

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    If you live in a city with an Aldi's grocery, you should check there for your food. They have a great selection and variety and they make even the great value brands at Walmart look expensive.

    Also, check with any local churches or the Salvation Army to find out if there is a local food pantry to get free food from. These places will usually be able to help you out with a few things to help get you through a tough time.

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    Really sorry to tell you but nothing is really cheap nowadays. But since you shop at walmart you might want to try their great value products. They're just as good as the other brands.

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    check out websites that offer free samples of items you like.. you will get a free sample and also a coupon.. and if you need to ...check with a local church in your area.. they may be able to offer a brown bag. my town helped me out when i was on hard times.. and the brown bag had everything from cereal to bread can goods and they gave me a few bucks to buy milk and juice. Also check with other stores other then wallyworld. I went to safeway ( pak-n-save) and there brands were cheaper then walmat brands.. also have you looked into state aid? foodstamps or snap as they call it in California. btw there in nothing wrong with state aid.. it saved me when i lost my job and had almost no income for 6 months..

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    Since you shop at Walmart I say buy the Great Value products they are a whole lot cheaper then the regular brands!!!!

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    Dried beans @$.89 /lb, makes 2 lbs cooked.

    Powdered skim milk, 20 qts @ abt $13.

    Bananas on sale, < $.69 /lb

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    Pasta is good and cheap, add some spaghetti sauce and a little cheese and you have a great meal.

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