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Beating crawmerax in borderlands.?

I'm level 61 and cannot beat him, I really need some tips on how to beat him. Also I'm after some decent weapons or rare weapons. Can anyone tell me of any locations please?


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    Well, weapon drops are randomized so just go around killing a lot of stuff...

    There are some FAQs online about solo'ing Crawmerax, which I found useful and this is what I did:

    I played Lilith. This is a necessity due to her phasing ability.

    You will need a very strong acid gun and a very strong fire (or ice? I forget) gun (it's been awhile since I played.) This is to take out any minions that Crawmerax may spawn. You will also need a strong SMG (Lilith likes SMG) If you have something with ammo regen, so much the better.

    You will also need luck, patience and some more luck.

    When you first come up the elevator you're in the middle of a circular plateau. Imagine it's the face of a clock. If you ran towards 10 o'clock, there's a small ledge you can drop down onto. If you follow this ledge clockwise, it will eventually end at a wall. Learn this location well for this is where you're going to be spending a lot of time.

    Ready? Let's do this. When you come up the elevator, phase and dash to your favorite spot on the ledge and crouch down. If any of the other things come to attack you, kill them. If you're lucky they'll fall off the ledge by themselves. If you're unlucky, they'll push you off the ledge. Now stand up and take a peek. If there are any other worms or baby Crawmerax's around, take a shot at them to try to get their attention so you can kill them. Always take out the minions first.

    Now it's Crawmerax's turn. He has 5 large greenish-yellow weak spots. 1 for each large claw, and 1 large one on his back. When you take out the claws, he'll start doing this diving thing up out of sand, which will cause him to turn his back towards you.

    1: Crouch until your phase ability is recharged.

    2: Stand up, take a pot shot at Crawmermax. If you can see a weak spot, try to shoot it. This is pretty much the only time you will not be crouching.

    3: When he comes over to the edge and spits those yellow blobs, crouch and hit your phase.


    5: Wait out the the yellow blobs to stop. Try to shoot the weakspots.

    6: Eventually he'll get bored and wander back to the middle of the plateau.

    7: Go to #1.

    This is not a quick fight, and there is a bit of luck involved. Sometimes Crawmerax will get stuck on a rock in the middle of the plateau which means you'll have to commit suicide and start over. Sometimes one of the worms will leap, hit you in the head and send both of you plunging to your death. I think I died about a dozen times before finally killing him and that took nearly 45 minutes.

    Source(s): Did I mention patience and luck? Don't hesitate to tweak your skills. Also, do not worry if you die. Killing the minions does wonders for raising your weapon proficiencies so at least you'll get something for your efforts.)
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