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Can I play basketball with a fractured arm?

I have recently fractured my right arm on the radius bone, it has been fractured 3 days now.

Which I have found out that my basketball team has made it to the Grand Final.

I have wanted to play in a grand final for my whole life, and we've only made it this season.

Is there anyway of being able to play basketball with my fractured arm?

Like if it was to be strapped professionally (by physio or something),

I don't care if I have to sit out for more weeks afterwards.


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    If you play you're going to risk WAY future injury. When you want to get in, you're going to want to grab the ball, attempt to dribble, and play defense... all that will stress your fracture. The only way to do it is to avoid your arm completely.. and possibly play for a little bit.

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    This completely depends on how good you are. If you are the best on your team and can dribble shoot and defend with one hand ( which is impossible) then go for it. If not , stand by and watch. You don't want to regret later on that you might have been the cause for them to lose the finals. Just support and motivate them. Even if you strap it , you just can't use it. Basketball is all in the hands. Sorry.

    Source(s): My opinion. I'm sorry for being a little harsh. But I want to save you from future trouble and depression. Both mental and physical.
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    you could play with it injured. if you still have mobility in it. if theres pain then i would suggest that you dont play. and if you choose to play then mind it and be very careful. you could aggravate the injury and make it a whole lot worse. cuz right now im thinking its just a hairline fracture so not too severe. but playing would definitely have a chance for aggravation. be careful if you play my friend

    Source(s): athletic trainer
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    Taking risk would not be good whatever you state the reason take rest and enjoy your game after you are completely ready for it.

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    yes just be careful

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