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What size motor should I get?

I want to get a bike to learn how to ride in should I get a 50 cc or something like an ex postman bike. If anyone can tell me how big a postman bikes motor is that is from Queensland australia will help lots thx and plz don't make fun of me

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    A postie bike is 110cc (Honda CT110)

    Not a bad little bike to learn balance on but they don't have a manual clutch so you will not be learning the correct technique for gear changes.

    Maybe a 125-250cc dirt bike or a straight up 250cc road bike would be better

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    I would say you need to get something small that will not surprise you. Just until you get familiar with road use, road conditions, road protocol, road law. There is a very high chance you will come off it and it will be on the floor, thats all part of learning to ride a motorbike, so your best falling off at 20mph, not 50mph.

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    50ccs are great, they go a good 35-40 depending on your size. They get great MPG also, if I was you I would stick with the 50cc.

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