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My Face Is So Oily. Help Please?

My Face Gets So Oily by afternoon and night. What kind of face wash, face lotion, and makeup do you recommend most?

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    Dahhhhh. Alright, well first off, you never wanna dry your skin out, and it's your lucky day because dry skin winter is around the corner.

    Wash your face twice a day, exfoliate four times a week, this will make you produce less oil of course, and always moisturize, maybe get a oil control toner, and remember that moisturizing actually makes you produce LESS oil because the oil it makes to make your skin have moisture, is not needed..

    As for face wash, I'd say something like Purity from Philosophy or drugstore would be Cetaphil they have oily skin face wash also, and Cliniques Dramatically Different lotion or maybeeeee Cetaphil lotion too, if you want.

    STAY MATTE POWDER FROM THE DRUGSTORE IS GREAT by the way, and milani controls oil like crazy, and so does revlon colorstay liquid and powder for oily skin

    But if you really want the holy grail for oily skin, you'll get Estee Lauder Double Wear in the blue tube. That stuff would last 2 days if it could. Also try a oil control primer, like maybe prime time by bare minerals :)

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    Clinique has a great skin care for all pores and skin varieties! they have an oil-unfastened (water based) liquid or bar cleansing soap, accompanied by skill of the clarifying lotion, which sweeps away ineffective pores and skin cells and clears pores, and so on, the stick to with moisturizing gel, additionally water-based as to no longer upload extra oil into your already oily pores and skin. Get some oil soaking up sheets to blot away any extra oil that arises in the process the day. Clinique additionally sells t-zone shine administration, which inserts on, and stops you from getting oily in the process the day in those factors that have a tendency to produce the main oil.

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    makeup - powder, liquid could just make the appearance of oil on your skin more prominent

    skin- blotting sheets for on the go or whenever are good scrubs, mask regularly if you skin is really oily maybe about 3 times a week wash you face regularly but not to much where it becomes a desert but moderately so you can have a normal amout of oil

    oil free moisturizer because even though your skin has oil it still need to be moisturized

    Source(s): i apologize i could not name any products but i think if you follow those guidelines it will get better remember looks for products that are worth it and are specifically made for the issues you have with your skin good luck
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    I recommend using Clearasil Face cleansing pads (you can buy the extra strength ones if your skin is super oily.)

    Also I found the product by La Roche-Posay called EFFACLAR to really work because it is a cleanser and a toner (it tightens your pores) It is more expensive but SUPER worth it and it lasts forever.

    Hope this helps :)

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    What are you using to wash your face? Do you use a oil free moisturizer. I often hear people who have oil skin think they don't need to moisturize and that actually cause your skin to product more oil. Your skin needs hydration or it will produce more oil. If you are using a good skin care routine then maybe try an oil mattifier.

    Source(s): Im oily too
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    For oily skin, always try to steer clear of oil based products. I have pretty oily skin myself and Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser works great for me. Gel cleansers are perfect for oily skin as they help absorb all the oils. One of my favorites are Clinique Wash-Away Gel Cleanser.

    Wash your face morning, night and after exercises. During the day, use some oil blotting sheets to keep your skin oil free without removing your make up.

    As for makeup, I tend to stick with powder foundation such as MAC StudioFix powder because it absorbs oil and stays on oily skin better than liquid foundation. For a make up base, I use L'Oreal Studio Mattifying Primer. Its oil free and helps keep your make up for the whole day. It doesn't matter which products or makeup brand you decide to use, just make sure that its oil free.

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    use a mattifier instead. first wash your face and rub over with oil wipes, then do your regular makeup routine (you dont have to change it!), then follow these steps on how to use it and where to get it.

    If you want to double it up put powder on before the mattifier.

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    not sure about make up, but wash your face regulary and use nivea face cleanser twice a day.

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    i use clean and clear foaming facial oil free. it takes out a lot of oil.

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    Buy oil wipes.

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