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im stuck on this physics question!!?

your room has the dimensions of 14 ft by 16 ft. you want to put a tile but the store has only 15 sqaure meter of tile. will this be enought to cover your room's floor?


do you have to convert the meter square to feet when you divide the (14*16) with the 15?

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    yes, you have to convert. that's the whole point of the problem.


    14ft × 16ft × (12in/ft)² × (2.54cm/in)² × (m/100cm)² ≈ 20.8m²


    15m² is not enough

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    First of all, find the area of the room= 14ft X 16 ft = ft squared

    Then divide your answer by 15 squared metres worth of tiles to find out how many tiles......

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