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no affence but why is aquarius user snoopie moody and unstable?

she likes you one day... then the next she doeisnt..and why does she get offended at the slightest things..she needs to lighten up

is virgo moon the reason.. its a mutuble sign after all..which means her emotions change a lot


im not tryin to diss her.. but it seems she is mentally unstable.. she gets mad at you for no reason..and then shes cool with you and actin like youre best buds.. i want to know what placements in her chart cause her to act like that

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    I don't think she's moody and unstable. She's always nice to me and I like her. I've already checked her answers and I didn't notice her being mentally unstable and "likes you one day... then the next she doesn't... getting offended at the slightest thing". She's pretty "lighten up" already. I don't have a problem with her.

    Why do you care who she likes and dislikes? It's up to her so stay out of it. If you paid more attention to her, her answers and the way she talks and you weren't busy with trying to sound intelligent and making fake accounts - maybe, just maybe, you would have realised how pathetic and ridiculous you actually are. I bet my head (as we say in my language), that you are that Aquariz Legend, who's going around dissing Tae also. What is wrong with you? Is your self esteem really THIS low, and you are really THIS unsatisfied with your life, that you need to bash others in order to make your self feel better? Seems like you lack reality check. We all know that in your own little world you play "the king" role and you are delusional enough to actually believe that people are actually affected by what you say. Yes, well unfortinatelly what happens inside your head does not happen in the real world. Who's next? Bubbles? pIA? Erzella? 98% human? Or will you just continue bashing on Tae and Snoopie? Tell me.

    Here, you got what you wanted - I have my eyes on you, I am giving you the attention that you crave. Now, entertain me.

    Get over yourself, get off the computer, get a job, get money, get lost and stay lost.

    Source(s): Taurus sun, Leo rising and Capricorn moon
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    Let me guess, Aquariuz Legend?

    This question is the reason why I don't like you. You make troll/fake accounts about minors and other people online and then you post questions about me, just so that people can insult me, e.g. Dimple yesterday.

    The reason why I added you back, is only because I am forgiving (blame the Virgo Moon), however don't make reach the limit of forgiveness, because then the damage is irreversible and I will show you what I am capable of doing.

    I've been insulted on here several times before, but that someone insults the guy I like or people I mention, then it is not acceptable.

    Like how does someone dare questioning why I like someone? Wth? We are all different, we like different people. Accept people as they are and stop trying to change them.

    Thanks Len.

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    I've never noticed that. I thought she was the one who is a pharmacist? She must know a lot about which pills are right for her. Some make you smaller, and some make you tall, but the ones that mother give you don't do anything at all. She could call Alice.

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    8 years ago

    dont talk about my snoopie

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