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I don't want people deleting things on my timeline!?

Once they post things I don't want them to be able to delete it. How do I set up this setting? Please help! Its soo annoying when people delete stuff.

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    8 years ago
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    You can't - but you can set-up Facebook texts so Facebook will text you when someone writes on your FB wall and you can see what they said even if they delete it.. but that's about all you can do, sorry. :/

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    Further to that first response (which is absolutely right), opening the notifcation in your email inbox will tell you what they wrote.

    Facebook is just giving people an understandable 'outing' if they say something silly/regrettable and don't want it public. Read the email notification.

  • users on facebook can delete any of their activity on facebook by simplying going through activity log.

    previously it was hard for someone to delete their stuff they dont want on facebook... but now its easy so we cant stop anyone, even if we hide the post

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    the only one who can prevent that is the person that put it ,you cant just as you post and delete the person is posting is the only one is capable to delete it so is the person that put the comment photo or whatever.

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