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Why is it impossible for me to keep secrets?

Does anyone else have this problem? I'll hear something and say to myself "Ok I can't tell anyone because this person confided it in me". But I'll get this really bad urge and go tell SOMEONE. Is it because I trust too easily or what? This has recently cause a really bad social problem in school. Help?

No rude comments. Please. I don't need that right now.


For Daryl88 or whatever: I said no rude answers! Please!

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    It sounds like you maybe just have a hard time keeping things locked up inside. Are you an open person yourself? Maybe you just want to confide in others, and talk about things. If there is no malicious intent behind you doing it, then its not your fault. Just try, really try, and not say anything. Every time you want to say something, just think that if it was you confiding in someone, how would you feel if they told someone else.

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    8 years ago

    Even though I've never had this problem (I'm everyone's secret keeper!), I think I can help you with this. Before you go about telling everyone's secrets, think about how YOU would feel if someone told YOUR secrets to others. Would you feel hurt, betrayed and cheated upon? Would you feel that all the trust you inflicted upon that person was taken advantage of and exploited? Well done because that's EXACTLY how people you betray feel. For you, it's normal. You couldn't hold the burden of the secret and you so said it aloud. But for the person who unfortunately confided in you, it's heart breaking. When you're revealing the secrets of a person, think about how sad they will feel. Since your social standing has taken a hit, I don't think anyone will ever tell you a secret. And if they do, I hope you don't betray them like you did before. Always remember Kelly, once you break someone's trust, it's almost impossible to earn it back.

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    Lol Daryl_88 is actually right, and he's not being rude. He was also right about you living in denial. Gosh, I hate people like you, I could just say so many offensive things right now, but I'll just answer your question.

    You're a blabber mouth, whatever you hear that's interesting, you'll say for attention just because you feel like it. If you really don't want to have a bad social problem in school, stop being a dick, I'm not being rude, I'm telling the truth.

    Source(s): So many people like you I've seen through my life, but they usually never change...
  • By saying no rude comments your just feeding us trolls, but I'll say I'll have to take this one seriously. I have a similar problemo. It's just in some people's nature, and there's nothing you can really do about it. At least you don't have my ability to find out any social info without even trying

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because you are a blabber mouth. Maybe you like being the center of attention by being the one who has the latest gossip.

    It's not rude, it's the truth. Stop living in denial.

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    please understand that people are putting their trust in you. when you gave your word that you wouldn't tell and then you broke your promise you are untrustworthy and dishonest. next time you get excited by something funny or serious, and find it's impossible to keep a secret, just go over it in your about it to yourself and look at it from all angles.see what hard it can do. when people are gossiping it can hurt. if you have ever been a victim of this you know how it feels.

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