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Is it right for employer to clock employees in and out?

At my job the workers don't clock in and out.. the supervisor does that. But lately we've been complaining about our shortage of hours is there a law against that? In California

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    Under California Labor Code sections 227 and 1174, all employers are required to maintain accurate records of each employee’s hours of work and meal breaks each workday for a period of at least three years. In addition, employers are required to provide to each employee accurate, periodic wage payments in writing. By failing to accurately record all hours worked, your employer violates both provisions of Labor Code.

    Most importantly, such unlawful practice likely harms its employees financially, because they are not paid for all hours worked. If you are a nonexempt employee (I assume you are), your employer must pay you for all the hours (and minutes) you worked.

    I recommend that you start recording all your hours on a daily basis. If you wish to pursue a legal action against your employer, I suggest that you talk to an employment law attorney who specializes in wage-and-hour claims.

    In alternative, you can file a complaint with the Labor Commissioner who will investigate the alleged violations on your behalf and recovery any backpay owed to you.


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    No there is no law about the employer keeping track of your hours there is only a law against them cheating you and David is an idiot.

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    Ofcourse their is laws for things like that. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I will tell you the name of the department...

    The Department of Labor

    Call them and let them know.

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