are men only allowed to cheat?

if a guy does it.. they say it's just natural.. but when a girl does it... it's like she deserve nothing but to die..

most of my friends are boys..and cheaters as well.. whenever i asked them why, their answer is anonymous, they have this girl for serious relationship.. and one for play time

they cheat even if their gf are nice and pretty.. i feel sorry for them knowing what their bfs are doing..

it's like they won't stop even if the girl gets pregnant.. they just got away with it and go on with the cheating process..

i think that all men are not the same but whenever i met someone and becomes my friend, i'll know that he's one too,

i feel like when they have the chance.. they will really do it.. xD

and i asked them what if they happen to get a girl that cheats on them.. their answer is it's not for girls and they don't look good doing it and their disgusting.. i'm like what d? :|


just to add my dad cheats on my mother too.. we all know it.. i sometimes think that willl he ever change xD.. i'm kinda numb to it.. actually.. :|

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  • 8 years ago
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    Has it ever occured to you maybe you just surround yourself with the biggest douches you can find?

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Wow. Where I live, and in my "social group," for lack of a better term, that is not acceptable. Men who cheat are not cool at all. And the women you know are passively allowing men to "nail them and make them pregnant?" To me, the morals of both the women and the men to whom you are referring are sadly lacking. Why are the women sleeping with men who are already in relationships? Finally, every woman should know that pregnancy can be prevented. If you got pregnant, don't blame it totally on the man. Unless you were raped, you had something to do with it, too. Go on the pill or use a condom or something. Geesh!

  • 8 years ago

    I think you've used 'anonymous' wrongly but that's another matter.

    Back to your question, both men and women cheat for pretty much the same reason. Lust. Saying that it's natural to cheat is just rubbish. Or saying that if a woman cheats she has to die is also rubbish. Cheating on your spouse or loved ones is wrong. I guess your friends just can't control themselves huh? They talk as if cheating is a good thing......

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Of course not.

    I go for girls who like to cheat.

    I like showing them a 'better' time.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Thats like saying "hey, I'm a man and I can prove my manhood by sleeping with multiple girls."

  • 8 years ago

    Equality !

    Women can also pursue this course of action.

    " Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned ." ..... a frightening experience.

    This is the contradictions of the modern world.

  • It's wrong for both genders to cheat, but girls honestly do get more criticized for cheating than guys do.

  • 8 years ago


    definitely is not right for none of them to cheat!!! men say they are men that's y they cheat yes i understand why, i'm a girl! well the reason is because they see women who dress so sexy who show that they want dick they are ready to have sex and men when they see women dressed sexy (mini skirt, etc) they say she's good i want to .......this night! i think if women wouldn't dress that way much naked:))) men wouldn't cheat, wouldn't feel sexual aroused!!!! lots of women dress so nice in purpose of attracting men but actually leads to different thing,:)))) the men takes them for a ride!:)))

    GIRLS ATTENTION: the meaning of "is natural to cheat because they are men" is because they got quickly aroused they can't control themselves (feeling to cheat/to sex) when they see a beautiful women (dressed sexy, boobs, etc)! so yes is not 100 percentage men fault is bitches fault as well!!!!

    so if the girl she knows how to make herself respected, she can talk to 100 men and no one can **** her if she says no!!! of course they can **** her by force but otherwise no chance!!!!



    DIFFERENT TYPE OF GIRL: if a girl loves a man definitely her feelings is only for that guy even if she hangs around with guys! ATTENTION: if a girl loves you and you see her talking to man or dancing with men or going out it doesn't mean she's *****, she's friendly, sociable that's all! if she likes respect definitely she's not *****!:) i repeat: a good girl, sociable and who likes respect she's not *****! don't stress and be jealous for no reason if you know the girl is loyal, good, who likes respect! those who like respect you never see someone slapping her *** or touching her boobs and having sex! are women who know how to receive respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is true are few women like these!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT NOT ALL WOMEN ARE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'M DONE NOW!!!!!! ENJOY READING AND LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    biological programming all men want to spread their seed to every female before they die

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It is completely acceptable for a man to cheat, the rules do not apply to them.

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