Could this mean he is interested?

So i gave my crush my phone number through facebook because i had a question for him. He could have just talked to me on facebook about it or waited to tell me in person the next day, but instead he texted me. So would would you assume that he is interested? to me if you didnt like someone you wouldnt text them cuz u wouldnt want them to have your number. A few days ago i was at a baseball game and he was there with two friends. They were talking and then when I got there they switched to texting eachother. I never saw him look at me so i assumed he didnt see me. The next day he came to my friends house and asked "were you at the game last night, yea i uh yea i thought yea i saw you." He was stuttering and looking at the floor when he was saying this. Are these signs of interest? Also he is veryyyyy shy. please help! :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Yeah he is definitely interested in you! And yes, he does seem to be shy. The next time you get the chance to be in a conversation with him, start asking him questions so he can open himself up to you. Be friendly, he seems like a nice guy. Shy guys usually take FOREVER to respond, so you're going to be the one who'll be initiating a lot of the talking until he gets comfortable with you.

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    8 years ago

    It sounds to me like you've caught his interest, you should ask him to come see a movie with you and some friends. Bring some of your friends and he should bring some of his. It'll male it less awkward that way.

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