Whats wrong with my hands?? :(?

My hands get really dry itchy and red they even leave cracks and can turn out to be a rash i put lotion on but still get so irtated and when i do they start to burn do i need to talk to my Dr about this is there soething that might be wrong with my hands?? please help me

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  • 8 years ago
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    The first thing you should Always do when you have a medical problem is speak with a medical professional. It's near impossible to give an accurate prognosis over the internet, and are you really willing to take your chances?

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  • Exma? Your hands get dry easily & rashes, theyre itchy & irresistable to scratch. You scratch too hard & they burn. Talk to your doctor about excma creams. You can buy aloevera cream fr your hands in the meantime, this soothes them quite well.

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