Help! Eraser burn!!!?

So my friends were bugging me about doing the eraser challenge you basiccly just grab an eraser from a regular pencil and count the abcs slowly while rubbing it on your skin it burns/peels the skin off leaving a raw shiny layer I did this I know it was stupid I did it like onmy wrist at first it was just red but then people kept touching it and rubbing it etc then someone rubbed lotion on it without knowing I had that burn I put a plain bandage on for a couple of hours and then it came off then for the rest of the day I left it uncovered now it's burning and red and stinging I rubbed it with alcohol twice and put antibiotic ointment on it with a tight bandage I'm afraid it'll et infected since its so close to my vein what can I do???

Please no mean comments I know it was stupid and I'm never gonna do this again

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  • Angel
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    8 years ago
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    lol we do stupid things in school eh? altho i have to say i've not heard of this one. It sounds like you dont actually have an open sore right? just kind of rubbed raw? I guess i would treat it like a burn, a cold wash cloth on it several times a day would prolly help ease the pain, Aloe gel would help if you have any. i would leave the washcloth set on for awhile, when watching tv or something, 10-15 mins atleast, it will make the skin nice and moist, then apply a thick layer of aloe gel. If you actually have an aloe plant you could cut the leaf open and apply the whole thing to your burn.

    if it gets worse, or if you see these signs of infection - redness spreading around the wound, hot to the touch, pus, more swelling than there should be, a bad or yeast-y smell, or red lines extending away form the wound then you should tell a parent and get to a doctor. Best of luck.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I'm 15 and I'm a recovering cutter. Cutters will lie about anything to get away with that they are doing to themselves and burning or cutting are both serious issues. I didn't know that you could burn yourself with an eraser before I was in the hospital for attempted suicide and they didn't allow patients to have erasers. So they very well could be eraser burns if she knows enough about it, but also the knife is a serious issue. Remove it from her room and have a talk with her about it, she wont appreciate it but its the right thing to do. Cutting is a hard road to go down and you can't sit there and watch her go down it alone. Please get her some help before it becomes a serious issue, she's going to regret having those scars for the rest of her life. Good luck you're going to need it.

  • Ha, I remember 6th grade... I've done that and have a scar on my forearm. I had a scab for about a month and yes, it hurt like crazy for the first few weeks. Just let it scab over, take care of it with hydrogen peroxide and you'll be just fine. If it starts oozing pus or turns a brownish color, then tell your parents.

  • 8 years ago

    Maybe call your local doc or go to clinic. If you don't want to do that wait for an day and if it is not getting worse then you should see a doc.

    Source(s): Its what i would do. :)
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