I had a dream where I'm having sex with my teacher?

2 days ago I had a crazy dream.My science teacher tells me to stay after class she pulls down her pants the unbuttons her shirt and we star having sex.Everytime I go to her class I feel wierd because of that dream I imagine me and her f***ing on her desk for the whole period.I told my best friend about this and he said that maybe I'm going to have sex with her soon because dreams are visions from the future.So what do you think is this a signal that she wants to have sex with me ? btw I'm 14 she's like in her early 30's and really hot

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Type a secret note about the dream, and don't put/sign your name. And leave the note on her desk. Or on the floor next to her desk, where she can see it.

    ( If you type the note it can help you remain anonymous. )

    God bless!

    Source(s): She needs to know.
  • 8 years ago

    right a secret note and leave it on her desk dont put ur name

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