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How do you graph the plane 2x+y=2? (3D)?

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    Well first you put it in y=mx+b, or slope-intercept form

    M = is your slope

    B = is your y-intercept

    So this goes:


    subtract the 2x from both sides


    Now you have it in slope-intercept form

    Now you put one over the two like so: -1/2 is your slope 'M'

    the last 2 is your y-intercept, which is stated like so



    Idk how to create this in 3D but for 2D, you can graph this with a ti-83 or scientific calculator.

    On the ti-83 you simply hit the Y= sign in the top left hand corner. then a screen will appear, type in -1/2x+2

    you can type in the x by hitting the key that says "x,t,0,n"

    After you have typed that in hit graph on the far right hand side of the calculator and you can see a 2D visual of your equation.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Solve for why

    Slope is 2/1 y intercept is 2 draw line after making two points make plane

  • Moon
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    8 years ago

    Hi Laura

    ......... 2x + y = 2

    that's a linear equation, its graph is simple straight line

    it is 2D (x,y) .......... not 3D.


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