Ok gpu for around $50?

Im building a pc for at my dads house to play games at medium settings or higher i have comp with crossfire 7770's but im looking to build a pc soooo im going to eventually be crossfiring or SLI on what ever gpu i decide for better fps considering that a $50 gpu wont be powerful to begin with i need a ok gpu fir this extreme budget build....... ps sorry for any grammar issues i typed this on my phone

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  • Lu
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    8 years ago
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    Go with the two 6pin connectors gtx680 nvidia to keep the overhead low and add to it later. Knowing that gtx680 is the best out there get the one 6pin and one 8pin power connector for some mainstream power or like its has been and is still get two 8pin connectors gtx680 to have the fastest. Its not the best thing to buy the gtx690 for anything other than single pci-e solution

  • 8 years ago

    There are 6670 gigabyte gpus on amazon for $65.40.

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