What are some pros/cons of the auto bailout?

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    8 years ago
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    Very controversial topic, but despite politics it all boils down to jobs.

    The auto bailout essentially prevented another great depression. It didn't just bailout the auto companies and their factory workers, it bailed out all the small parts and material factories that create the many pieces of a car. It bailed out the transportation companies who ship parts and supplies all over the united states and world. The die makers, the steel companies, the quarries that mined that ore, etc.

    The trickle of production finishes with the car companies but it starts with the absolute basics, right down to the mechanic of the machine that forges the bolts that holds the machine together that stamps the sheet metal.... Lol almost never ending. Thousands of companies and millions of jobs were saved.

    Regardless of whether you believe it was done correctly or had major political motivations - fact remains it impacted nearly every town in America.

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