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Don't really want my fish anymore...?

Haha this is so random, but I've had a store bought angel fish for about three years now and I'm kinda getting sick of it. I don't have time to clean its tank (I do feed it though, of course) and all it does is basically take up space in the bathroom. I used to put more effort into keeping it coean because I used to have a nice big tank with lots of fishies. But the freaking angel fish ate all the other ones!! DX Now the damn fish is huge LOLOL and it's almost like it's immortal xD what should I do with it? It won't die bahahahaha



I have seven cats and two dogs and I absolutely adore them :)

"This is why teens shouldn't have pets" haha wow, troll xD

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    That poor fish. He's in a bathroom? You don't clean the tank? You're laughing at its suffering? How big is the tank?

    Angelfish don't eat other fish unless they're tiny little guys like juvenile neon tetras or the like. Get that fish back to the pet store before you cause it any more pain.

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    Haha, lol.

    Take it back to a store and ask if they will take it off your hands

    haha, lol

    This is exactly the reason why many teens shouldn't have pets.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Are you serious?


    Do you not understand THIS IS A *LIVING* CREATURE!

    Do what is the VERY BEST for that poor angelfish; GIVE HIM TO SOMEONE WITH A PROPER HOME!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    There are other posts on how to humanely euthanize fishes. Or you could try giving it to a friend or a little kid.

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  • 8 years ago

    Not nice I hope you never have kids! Kids are not flushable.....

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