nissan silvia s15 spec s pretty good car for first time drivers and for drifting?*read details!!!?

this is gonna be my first car,

my plan is,buy an spec s..practice my driving for about a year or a year and a half

then learn drifitng...would this be a good first car and drift car with some mods??

plan on swapping it for a better car after 3 or 4years,spec r?180sx?something like that

i have alternative option for spec s14 Q's,toyota altezza rs200

or should i go either with spec r or 180sx already?

rate spec s from 1-10

need advice

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    8 years ago
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    First thing first the only way you can get an underpowered car to slide sideways is to drive it on a wet parking lot. S-15 might not even have enough power to spin the tires. S-15 with automatic trans has even less power. A modified S-15 for drifting will have about 200+ horsepower at the wheels and high reving the KA-24 will eventually cause engine failure. A Ford Mustang Chevy Camaro something newer with a wide selection of Performance parts might be easier to drift and drive everyday. A really good choice is the new Scion / Subaru rear wheel drive sport coupe.Drifting costs a lot of money because tires are not cheap having a car sponsorship for tires and performance parts is a good thing. Save up your money Good Luck

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    Well i see your going for the RHD type cars (right hand drive) and for starters that car is a little powerful but if you got the touch you can do it but i would reccomend a nissan 140sx and swap it for the SR20DET engine then move up to the silvia. Thats what im doing right now haha

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