Sad because of mom, help?

My mom will barely let me do anything on weekends, she doesn't trust any of my friends, she won't drive me anywhere therefore i don't go anywhere, she doesn't understand my taste in music and she gave both of my older brothers wayyy more freedom. Completely unfair all the time and it makes me extremely upset and makes me feel very lonely. She's not understanding. How can I get her to see how much grief she causes me and get her to stop? I typically dont like confrontation....

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    Talk to her. Be honest and let her know that it hurts you when she doesn't take your feelings into consideration. Try to get her to meet you half way, maybe have your friends come to your house until she gets to know them better or offer to let her speak to your friends parents before you leave with them. Besides that maybe your mom is just having a tough time letting you grow up ask her if you guys could do something like a movie or lunch. Stay patient and understanding and try to put yourself in her shoes.

  • 8 years ago

    Are you a girl? If you are a girl, it possible it could be because your a girl and she's over protective of you. You hear all the stuff that happen and she doesn't want it to happen to you.

    Talk to her, camly and maturely. Have a discussion but don't fight, get angry or cry! Just stay calm.

    Oh sorry if you are a boy though, calling you a girl and all.

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