Do I really like her, and what should I do?

Okay, this is gonna be long but bear with me.

Right now, I'm dating this girl whom I find very attractive, but she isn't the type of girl I can stay with for a while. I don't want to break up with her because I really care about how she feels, not like some heartless guys in high school (FYI I'm 17). Then there's this other Girl. This Girl (let's call her TG) is the kind of girl any guy would kill to have, after college and reaching some maturity. She's the pretty, smart, innocent Christian girl who comes from a very educated family, and has never had a bf in her life so far. My family is kinda dumb (no offense Mum and Pops, ILY!), and I'm the random genius they produced. TG and I come from 2 somewhat different worlds. We've known each other since, I don't know, 8th grade? We used to play coed sports together when we were younger, but, like most little boys, I didn't really pay any attention to girls. Now, we are sorta close friends. Here's the problem: I'm dating the girl so I can take my mind away from TG. I kinda believe in superstitious things, and a couple years ago, I had a bunch of dreams with TG in them. She wasn't one of those bystanders; she was the main event. I don't dream about sick things, though I am a guy so I have strange desires, but I'm not a perv. I COULD NOT stop thinking about her 24/7. I felt I didn't deserve her because she appeared to "perfect," and I didn't wanna break her heart if something bad happened. That's why I'm going out with other girls. It wasn't until this year that we've been talking to each other a lot. We see each other every morning as we park our cars around the same time before school starts. We have a lot of classes together. There's this spark between us that I totally feel, but when I try to make play for her, she thinks I'm pretending. I think it's probably because I'm somebody else's boyfriend. I mean, we make sarcastic jokes with each other, talk about stressful issues mostly about schoolwork and people, and have deep conversations about random stuff. Usually, I'm the one listening to the surprisingly talkative "quiet" girl because I just like hearing the sound of her voice as much as I care about my gf right now. It's just when my mind trails away from my gf is when we really connect. Sometimes I feel like my heart skips a beat when she walks into the room. I love how our egos clash with each other during intense class discussions. There are so many "perfect" things about TG that I feel like I'm in love with her when I shouldn't be, or else I'll seem like the bad guy to the other girl. But, when I thought I was almost over her, I can't stop thinking about her 24/7, AGAIN! Then when I'm with my gf, I feel guilty because I feel like I'm emotionally cheating on her. I like her, but not as much as the affection I've been holding in for TG for these past couple years. I'm asking for advice right now because a few weeks ago, we had our big homecoming football game. Our whole senior class went wild when we won, but started to immediately evacuate because it was freezing out. After the game, TG was getting some of her friends in her car that was parked to mine. By then, almost everyone was gone. I think she was waiting for her younger bro to hurry up, since they were carpooling. I decided to wait with her like any gentleman would (CHIVALRY ISN'T DEAD). It took about 5 mins for him to get moving. In those minutes, there were things I would never forget. At first, her friends joined in thru the windows, congratulating me on the victory. Then they just suddenly tuned out and cranked up the music in her van. TG and I leaned against my car and talked more about football stuff. She promptly asked me where my gf was. She must have just gone home before she did. Then she just blurted out "I heard you had a crush on me when we were sophomores." I stood there, stunned by that statement. I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me I was blushing and I probably was. After that embarrassing moment, she told me she would have gone out with me if I asked her back then. When I relaxed, I calmly told her she would have been a great gf back then. "I probably would have" she said xD. Then I just looked at her and smiled. She didn't exactly had a good expression on her face because her bro decided to show up at that moment. Before we went our separate ways, TG hugged me while I had cold sweat and smelled like a sweaty pig (something NO girl in hs would have done). In the days and weeks that followed, we acted like nothing happened that night. We talked like any close friends would. To wrap things up, I don't wanna hurt my current gf's feelings, but I have a better connection with TG! What should I do?!

ps thnx for reading this long and real story.

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  • 8 years ago
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    You already know the answer don't you? Yup, if you care for your GF then you need to let her go. Your actually hurting her more by keeping her in the dark about your true feelings. You care for her as a person, and that's cool, but it's clear your heart is elswhere. The longer you wait, the harder it'll be, and if you try to take what you think may be the 'easy' way, by being a jerk to make her be the one to break it off w/ you, well then that'll just make you a jerk, and you don't sound like one so far.

    Good luck

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    Okay, Hello Friend, my ex is a football player and he was my first boyfriend, but lets talk about ur situation first.

    Okay so you have feelings for this girl and is OBVIOUS.

    She might have feelings for you too. She MIGHT just be playing HARD-TO-GET(;

    Okay well here's what you tell your soon to be ex:

    "hey, I don't know if i still have feelings for you, maybe we should start seeing other people" and see what happens....

    BTW i'm 14 LOL >.< There's always that special someone for everyone, maybe TG is the one for you<3

    Source(s): Hey answer mine please cuz ur a DUDE n a FOOTBALL PLAYER like my ex... please help :(
  • 8 years ago

    If u write a essay on a girl you think u like

    That means you do like her

    Source(s): Trust me
  • 8 years ago

    Yes you like and start acting like a alpha male!

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