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Does your GPA lower in college?

I am doubtful about something. I'm currently in middle school and doing good. But I was wondering, if you have a gpa of 4.0 in high school and then go to college, will it lower? I'm not sure because I never hear about people getting a gpa of 4.0 in college. If you work as equally as diligent from high school throughout college, will you get the same results of a gpa, or will it lower because college is just a lot harder? Thanks so much for reading! Every answer is truly appreciated. :)

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    If you continue to be a hard worker it is unlikely your GPA in college will be lower. While the classes are more challenging, I think the main difficulties in maintaining your GPA lie with the lack of structure - no one telling you when to do homework or study etc - and with the tons of distractions. There are a lot of fun things to do in college!

    But, your freshman classes really aren't that hard - they get harder as you go higher up in levels, so you should be ok.

    But, I know it's possible to keep a 4.0, because I'm a junior in college and I have a 4.0! Don't worry so much and try to have some fun!

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    Um, what grade are you in? Because as a highschooler myself, i think you'd know more. A 4.0 means you have all A's so far in highschool, either for the semester, quarter, or cumulative grade. 4.0 in college means the same thing, except its a lot harder to get all A's and full 100% on your grades. It's possible, but not likely.

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    Depends. As they say, past performance is no indicator of future performance. Top high school students can struggle in college, or they may excel. I was a bit of the reverse. Mostly As and Bs in high school, Bs and Cs in college, GPA of 3.94 in graduate school.

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    college is MUCH harder than high school still easy though , at masters level it starts to get harder, a 4 at an average high school will be 2.7 - 3 at a regular college 2.5 -2.8 at a top school

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