Can someone help me. Its about my toe?

i recently noticed my pinkie toes been getting like. dark and think. i took off my nail polish and its small really think and almost black. its like hollow inside and feels like its deteriorating idk if its a toe fungus or what, im afraid my toenails gonna come off can someone please tell me what to do?. i am also linking a picture (sorry if its gross) i just really want help. thanks

1 Answer

  • 8 years ago

    This very well may be Tinea Unguium which is due to a fungus. It would require two months of treatment with a pill called Lamisil. Unfortunately, topical medications do not penetrate the nail. You might try Lamisil around the nail since this might help somewhat. Vick's Vapo- rub has an ingredient in it called thymol which is an old treatment for fungus of the toenails occasionally it works. Lamisil is the pill that most dermatologists prescribe for this condition. You must be monitored with blood work to make sure the liver is not being affected but this is very rare. It would be a good idea for a dermatologist to examine your toenails anyway to make sure there is not something serious such as early melanoma ( unlikely if all nails aren't involved, but should be done.)

    Good Luck!

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