Should I get back with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I originally broke up due to me not feeling anything and me going to a different high school at the end of this year. He is taking it pretty hard and making me feel bad about myself. Everyone mostly knows about the incident but some are saying to get back with him, He really loves me and wants a second chance to try but I'm not sure if I want the same. He says a few mean things that I don't like but he says that he is mostly joking. I have no idea what to do? Should I try with him once more?

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    Girl, by the looks of it, it seems like you don't honestly and do not genuinely like him that way, and that is PERFECTLY OKAY.

    If it felt like that the first time, then follow your heart. If he's not the one for you, don't get back with him just because you sympathize for him and guilt. Even if everyone around you says so, don't let peer pressure lead you into it if it doesn't feel right. Best of luck (:

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  • 8 years ago

    If you love him give it another shot. If your not feeling it either then you can always end. Theres no harm in trying.

  • 8 years ago

    No, it sounds like you'll be doing it out of guilt rather than love. Don't do it.

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