My bestfriend is amish and I love him more than a friend?

He is 17 I am 15 I met him when I was 13. His grandma and grandpa own a quilt shop. And I met him there. Its odd because we come from two diffrent cultures. Like he says his mamm (mother) and daed (father). Know me as Eliezer's (him) english friend. I am so close to him and his dawdi (grandpa) likes me. Even though I am a "Englishcer". But he is very determined for me to become amish. Eliezer ofen tells me I really would suit the amish culture. I already know half the people in his community. They like me even the bishop wants convert. And me and eliezer have feelings for each other. I would not mind converting its just my parents. Me and eliezer ride in the carriage and he teachs me Dutch. Thats how I know the terms for mom and dad and grandma and grandpa. And I ofen find myself saying Gut for good.

Should I convert I really do love Eliezer?

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  • Tammy
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Sweetheart, follow your heart. Your parents may not understand now, but they will someday in the future. The Amish people are very good people and trust me, your one lucky young lady to have one of their men fancy you. Hope you decide what's right for you in your heart. Knowing this young man is Amish, I know he will take great care of you. Their community is very close knit, and they tend to help each other out. If you don't mind giving up some modern conviences then, I would say, GO FOR IT.

  • 4 years ago

    i'm confident via now you have heard the term ''on the down low'' which refers to adult males who're with adult males yet i think of it applies right here. once you like somebody, you like the finished international to nicely known no remember if that's platonic or romantic.This lady is at a loss for words, if her terrific chum is that controlling, your chum desires to get removed from this lady. If she is that fickle you probable ought to envision out in case you somewhat need her to be your chum. a real chum won't cover any of her friends from every physique.

  • 8 years ago


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