Please help me! Swollen stomach, always hungry/heartburn, loss of appetite, not gaining weight, WHAT IS THIS?

I've been having this problem for about a month now and having it right now as I speak. Here's the most detail I can give:

I know I'm not pregnant because I'm having no signs. This can't be pregnancy, obviously, especially since I still have my period. I /have/ been, however, having very strong and uncomfortable hunger pangs with flaring heartburn every now and then. Sometimes, I have pains through various parts of my abdominal region. I'm not gaining weight, either; in fact, I'm losing weight. I've lost a few pounds over the last month and a half due to my lack of appetite. Every time I eat I feel "hunger". I say "hunger" because I think I'm mistaking the discomfort for hunger. Because my stomach is swollen underneath my naval (belly button) and seems to be a tad swollen under my ribs. My last detail: the pulse, or heartbeat, that goes through everyone's stomach-- mine is quite literally pounding lately around the area I've been having the discomfort.

Before you tell me "see your doctor right away and get this checked out," know that I can't go to my doctor right now due to money/insurance issues.. which is why I hope that someone out there can answer this question for me. Please, I'm really tired of living with this discomfort and worrying about the size of my stomach, please tell me what I can do. Thank you very very much for reading. ♥


Also, I heard that this could be symptoms of an ulcer. Again, if someone could supply me with any information or personal experiences on this, I would be very very grateful. :(

Update 2:

I don't have an eating disorder. I used to eat 2-3 meals a day and a small snack or two before I lost my appetite. I've always been skinny with high metabolism, and before this problem started, I weighed a healthy (for me) 110 pounds. I now weigh 104 or 105.

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    It may not help, but you could try an elimination diet. It's non-invasive, it's inexpensive, and it should be healthy if you eat healthy foods. :-)

    I'd drop the 10 most common allergens - wheat (actually, I'd do gluten), dairy, soy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, sesame and sulfites.

    You'd have to go to fruits, veggies, whole cuts of meats, dried beans, and herbs, but it would not be expensive to do that, and you could see if it helps. I know of people who developed lactose intolerance who reacted like this, very quickly. I know of people who had Celiac Disease who reacted like this - this disease has no medication but requires a very strict gluten free diet to go into remission, when all symptoms will go away.

    This can happen with soy, with annatto dye, with just about anything, so the diet can help you track it down better.

    There can also be a bacterial infection of the gut, called SIBO - this is often treated with antibiotics, but I have heard that it can be treated with diet, as well, although it takes a couple years as opposed to a couple weeks. Basically, it's eating in a way that starves the bacteria of the nutrients they like the most, and keeping it up until they mostly die off. The diet seems to stop the symptoms right away, but just can't be stopped for a long time with symptoms coming right back. It's called the SIBO diet or the bacterial overgrowth diet.

    There is also the GAPS diet or the SCD, which are diets aimed at helping people whose guts are really going wonky on them. These involve probiotics and elimination diets, too.

    Wishing you well - my son had huge amounts of stomach bloating and he turned out to have an intolerance to dairy and gluten. We took both away, his stomach dropped to normal within a couple days. It was stunning.

    I wish you a solution that is just as fast and complete as his was. :-)

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    Wow, i am so sorry to hear your pain. I know you can't see a doctor but have you even thought about going to a free health clinic? they could help you. I never had anything similar to this but my sister has. She couldn't afford the doctors either and she knew she had an ulcer in her stomach. She was in so much pain but she took some pills from the health food store to get rid of the ulcer. she is better now though from taking the pills. If you go to the health food store and say you may have an ulcer they will offer you something. If you really do have an ulcer then you will get better. You should just try it. anyway hope this helps. good luck and god bless!

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    It may be something to worry about, but it may also be that the dog gorged itself on a HUGE meal of possum and will be spending the next day or two digesting it and sleeping it off. If the dog is not feverish or pale, and if it does not act unwell (except for the lethargy) and if you can hear healthy gurgling sounds in it's stomach when you put your ear to it's side, it will probably be just fine tomorrow.

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    I think it very possibly can be an ulcer. I never had much experience with that sort of thing but it does sound like it could be that. Sorry..I wish I could be more helpful. I wanted to at least say something since y were so nice about helping me. Thanks

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    Well, since you answered my question I'll try and answer yours so erm yeah......

    Maybe ask a family member ? Maybe take a pregnancy test, but I don't thing your pregnant because you'd be eating more(I think) so yeahh that's all I have <3

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    A health clinic Is a great idea! Waay cheaper than a hospital. And it might cost you more if you let it for not spending a little $ in the clinic

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    buy a pedometer clip it to your belt and aim for an extra 1 000 steps a day

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    ditch the mayo cheese and top bun if you want to scrape off 250 calories from a restaurant sandwich

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