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Can domestic cats mate with any wild cats other than bobcats/lynx?

Im only wondering because i can not understand what kind of cat i have. I found a while back when i was feeding other cats in the garden next to my house . Its grey/silver like and looks almost exactly like a russian blue. But still i think there is somethin more about this cat. It is very muscular and since i first started feeding it i always knew there was somethin special about it. Although it looks like a russian blue it has black lining along its eyes and nose and above its eye brows. The cat makes short and different kind of meows once in a blue moon. It is always on the hunt and i think it has extra ordinary skills. I live around countless feral cats and none have the attribute this cat does. Even the ones almost double his size are afraid of him. It moves silent and smooth low to the ground like a snake wen its hunting. So i would liek to know if anyome can explain whether its just ordinary or maybe has some type of unusual breeding. Thanks

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    And where did you hear they've mated with the Bobcat or Lynx? There's been NO documented matings between them and domestic cats

    The only wild cats that domestics have been mated to are the Asian Leopard Cat (to create the Bengal) and the Serval (to create the Savannah). Anyone selling kittens they claim are hybrids of other cats are blowing smoke up your you know where.

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    Assuming you're in America, what other species of wild cat do you think are around? Outside of Texas, the only wild cat other than a bobcat and lynx is a Mountain Lion and I'm pretty sure a domestic cat is not going to mate with THAT. There may be a few other species left in remote areas of Texas but it's still unlikely that they're breeding with domestic cats.

    You don't really describe any attributes that sound "special" in any way. I would say it's probably just a more muscular domestic and better at hunting/fighting than most. Cats have different body types just like humans do. - This website lists many of the possible crosses between wild cats and domestic cats, most of which are man-made and many of which are not truly descended from a wild cat like breeders claim, once DNA testing is done. - The wild cats that live in North America.

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    It's not possible for a cat to breed a Bobcat. There are some crosses with other wild cats but the likelihood is very small.

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