Guy decoders needed: Guy friend always sits next to me, but ignores me otherwise?

Keeping it to the bare facts. We have one class together. We've been friends for about two years. He's in a committed relationship with his girlfriend (they are engaged). He sits super close to me when we're in class, and sometimes gets a little touchy (nothing inappropriate, but definitely a little more than casual friends touching). If I don't sit next to him, he comes over and moves his things to sit next to me. We have great conversations at school. Most people who know us think we're a couple. But we've never seen each other outside of school, and he rarely responds to my communications outside of school. I don't initiate contact often, and when I do it's usually mundane and school-related. Sometimes I am more friendly, but I'm careful about getting too friendly because I know some girls worry about their boyfriends getting texts from other girls. If I don't initiate contact for a while, he will usually send some highly emotional message to me. And yet if I respond to said highly emotional text... he won't respond to me.

Admittedly, I like him. But I respect his relationship too much to cross any lines (though if I were his girlfriend, the touching thing on his end might worry me), and mostly I am confused enough trying to understand his actions as a friend.

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    8 years ago
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    This question serves no purpose, he obviously wants some nuki!

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