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My first Middle School Dance?

So my School is throwing this years first Middle School Dance [FYI I'm a Girl] and the 7th [I'm in 7th] 8th and 9th Grade are invited.I know everyone from 7th Grade and a lot of People from 8th Grade.

Since it's a School Dance and I don't live in America [I live in Europe in a specific Country,and we don't drink,smoke and stuff like that from this age] it won't be like the Movies.I need some advice on what I'm going to wear,I'm going to ask my Friends what they're gonna wear as well,but I need some advice on what you'd wear.

My Crush will be there as well [I'm making another topic about him after this,if you're good at advice maybe you should check it out.]I need advice on how to do my Hair [I'm thinking of straightening it,what methods do you use that last through sweat?]How do you not sweat in a crowded room?

Thank you very much for your Answers.

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    If you wear a skirt or dress, wear shorts. Just saying. Hair up is best, maybe a headband if you wear it down. When I was in junior high I wore skirts and cute shirts to dances, and my hair down because it was short.

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    It's middle school :/ no one is really gonna dance their just gonna hang out and eat that's all

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