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Christians, what if there is a god who created God, which not even God can comprehend? Should you worship him?

He would be a greater god, and thus more worthy of your praise.


Austin brings up a good point. There could be a god who created that god.

Where should our stopping point be, a universe that always existed, a god that always existed, or a god's god that always existed (and so on)?

Update 2:


Ray, what if the universe always existed and God is an unnecessary regress just like a god above him would be?

We know for sure that the universe exists, but we don't know for sure that God exists. Shouldn't we stop at the one we know exists until we find evidence of what we currently don't know?

Update 3:


Ray, the 1st god, the 2nd god, and the 1,248th god are equally unnecessary regressions from what we already know exists.

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    This is the Gnostic Heresy from the proscribed Gnostic Gospels you heretic!

    You should be burned at the stake.

    An early and popular Christian belief was that there was indeed a transcendent God and Yahweh was not his only creation but just one of them and that Yahweh then went on to create the universe and us.

    This belief was brutally crushed mostly by killing its followers in horrible ways.

    Source(s): Gnostic Gospels
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    You're leading yourself into an infinite regress that has no point. The only logical resolution to it is that one God had to be first, which would necessarily make Him infinite and beyond all that He created, including the other lesser gods. This One God at the end of the line, no matter how long it is, is the God that we worship. All else is a creature, not a Creator.

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    people can be so dumb and void of anything. Why not read the Bible and find out there was no earth, no day no night when God created the heavens and the earth. Read and humble yourself to ask the Creator, to grant you some understanding and wisdom into His Word

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    You could answer this question.

    But then what if there was a god who created the god who created god?

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  • Anonymous
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    What if there was a god who created the god who created the god who created GOD?

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    There is no such thing as "what if".

    Never going to happen anyway.

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    "What if," or what IS?

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