Devo Contreras asked in PetsBirds · 8 years ago

How to get my parakeet to stay at my finger and tips on how me and my parakeet can bond?

I got a new parakeet and i want it to stay at my finger to go to it. How can i acomplish that please help me i have had it for two days know and how can i bond with it

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  • 8 years ago
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    You could use a nail gun, or if you want to be a bit more discreet, staple it (not as secure though). For the ultimate parakeet/human bond try No More Nails (TM). I haven't tried it myself but a close friend of mine bought some in an ASDA carrier bag and successfully bonded his Panda to his left index finger, and no-one was any wiser. The panda was dead though

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