How do i fix lag in mc when there shouldnt be any?

I have a nice smooth 7 ******* fps even though I more than meet minimum requirements. I have a

2.8 GHz processor with 4 Gb of ram and

Amd Raedon HD graphics with 512 mbs.

Seriously this is pissing my the **** off. I have optifine, nothing running in the background, with normal render, fog, smooth lighting, and fast. Seriously wtf. It ran at 50 fps before now its ******* 7. I hate conputers. That makes no sense. Hell the only mod I have is optifine. My brother uses the same setting and gets 78 fps, WTF!!!! Why cant I play the game even though I spent $550 on this laptop and $30 for the game. How do I fix?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Download the 64 Bit version of Java.

    It's a very common problem, and this should fix it right up.

    Source(s): Computer Technician & Minecraft Player
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