I'm Bi and I like this guy but i'm not sure if he's straight or not?

He always talks about girls but I've known him for five years and he's never had a girlfriend or ever been with a girl in any other way. I myself usually like girls but tonight something changed me just thinking of him as a friend.We had got a group together to go to a haunted house, everyone bailed but me and him so the two of just went. We weren't the closest of friends until tonight when we got to know each other better. We have almost the same sense of humor and everything and I feel like we connected. By the end of the night I felt like i had fallen for him and i wanted to tell him so bad on the ride back home but i didn't want to creep him out. PLEASE WHAT DO I DO?!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Just be careful because straight guys don't always feel comfortable in these situations. Having no girlfriend does not indicate that one is gay. Don't assume. I hope you get better advice, but don't ignore what I've written.

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