girls, is this considered cute??? :D (its real short! :)?

theres this song called: "Tu Mirada" by Reik

its my absolute favorite song because it reminds me of the girl of my dreams!

i remember the first time i met her :))

in the song, from the beggining of the song till at about 1:18.......what the song sais is exactly how i felt when i first met this girl! literaly!

and every time i see her, this song just comes to my head!!! :D

i let her listen to the song once, and i told her its my favorite song because it reminds me of her!! :D

is what i think cute? and do you think it was a good move telling her what i told her???

this song is amazing!!! i'm listening to it right now!! :D


p.s.girls! umm.....could you please maybie answer my last question: "guys...i had a chance to ask her out...but i blew it! :'( (its short!!! i promise!!! :))?"

thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))

2 Answers

  • 4 years ago

    I agree consisting of your definitions for top. i'm tall, only approximately 5'9" and maximum my acquaintances are short. now and lower back I wish I had taller acquaintances so i does not stand out lots. yet i don't wish i replaced into shorter, i can attain for stuff on my own! haha. As for the adult males, the guy who seems "greater" b/c of his tiny female pal, is comparable to the previous guy with the Corvette. If her top is such a controversy, then needless to say he's making up for some thing he's lacking.

  • 8 years ago

    If she likes you, she'll find it cute. If she doesn't it is going to make her cringe a little. hahaha it's a very corny thing to say so depends if she's a corny person too.

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