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Does the news media influence or does not influence public perception and opinion?

Make reference to Muslims and asylum seekers.

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    Of course it does. If we were ruled by common sense we would close our borders.

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    The news media has a great influence on public opinion.

    For years now the European papers have been identifying Muslims as "Asians" in order to keep the peace whenever crimes for Islam or by Shariah Law are committed in the host country.

    The media pick and choose their lead stories. For instance; here in Canada a bullied girl killed herself because she could/would not handle the bullies and their tactics. Amanda Todd had a vast field of help to turn to but committed herself to a permanent solution for a temporary problem, "suicide".

    Meanwhile over in Pakistan a fourteen year old girl has been fighting bullies since she was eleven years old just to be able to go to school. She was shot by Islamic bullies with a weapon of war and is currently fighting for her life in an English hospital. She has no intention of lying down for the bullies of Islam.

    Of the two girls the western suicide garners all the reports where the courageous teenager is given a spot on the third page..... Where the hell are their priorities?

    Since 911 there have been over 19,000 terrorist attacks in the rise of Islam world wide. The mainstream media ignores most of these outrageous religious attacks by the Muslims who commit their acts in the name of Islam.

    As for asylum seekers, the privacy of the different laws of the different nations involved make it very difficult for even seasoned journalists to get through for a comprehensive report on that subject.

    But the news around the world concerning the terrorism of Islam is not so private. It is relegated to a "non issue" as most of the acts of terrorism are small compared to 911 and other major attacks.

    One instance is Israel; in the last ten months over 400 petrol bomb attacks have occurred throughout the borders of Israel. They were all Arab/Muslim attacks and you don't see that in the news do you? Then there are the almost daily rocket and mortar attacks throughout southern Israel originating from the Islamic based terrorist groups in Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank. The media ignores them until the patience of the Israelis IDF runs out. Then the media jumps on the bandwagon and screams foul on Israel's part.

    Did you know that the Israel Government just opened up a school in southern Israel and it cost $21,000,000.00! It's completely bomb proof!

    That alone should have made headlines and it should be ringing bells all over the UN. But it doesn't.

    For more detailed information I would suggest you look at this site on the internet .... ....

    It's a site that records everything daily in the rise of Islam and they pull no punches. They gather information from national newspapers around the world and they gather information from studies and sites that are Islamic. They do not present their "opinion" on the articles, they simply put them on the site and you can go to the original source to read the news. If a Buddhist is murdered in Thailand by Muslims for religious reasons they will record the site on their page and you yourself can go to the site to read the article for yourself and make your own mind up about the veracity of the report or not. But I warn you; they do not pull any punches and some of the photos that go with the reports do show the true colours of Islam. Beware of that, and be ready for the most grisly. But know that what is reported is not an opinion of the site but the bare facts on the site.

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